Chess set
Chess and chessboard stylized
Elegant complete with chess wooden full stylized ebonized boxwood with design chessboard...
Chess game for three players
78.00€ 62.40€
Original complete wooden chess game for three players..
Complete foldable wooden inlaid chessboard and wooden chess set
Mooganian chessboard and complete inlaid maple with chess staunton chess in carpinian wood.Very practical complete for the home cm. 40 x 20 x 50 h. Re 8 cm..
Set  wooden chess and chessboard foldable with checkers game
Wooden chess set foldable with checkers gamecm. 31 x 31 square 3 cm h.King 7 cm. ..
Shoulder bag for chess and roll-up chessboard complete
Shoulder bag for chess and roll-up chessboard complete..
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